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5242 Hwy 89 South, Livingston, MT 59047 Local Common Sense Conservation

Apply for a 310 Permit

Any activity within the banks of a stream, river, or waterway requires a 310 permit from the local Conservation District.

Local, Common Sense Conservation

Shields Valley Watershed Group

The Shields Valley Watershed Group is a collection of ranchers, landowners, and citizens of the community with a common goal of protecting and improving the land, water, and resources of the watershed since these represent the very foundation of agriculture.

Upper Yellowstone Watershed Group

The Upper Yellowstone Watershed Group is a collection of people who appreciate, support, or participate in Agricultural endeavors on any scale. We believe that ag involvement can and must be enhanced, preserved, and valued now and for posterity.

News & Updates

06Feb 19
The Montana Conservationist February 6

The Montana Conservationist February 6

Greetings, TMC readers! You've officially made it through the longest month of the year (if not actually the longest mathematically, I'm pretty sure January is the longest metaphorically). It's now…

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