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5242 Hwy 89 South, Livingston, MT 59047 Local Common Sense Conservation


The Shields Valley Watershed Group is a collection of ranchers, land owners, and citizens of the community with a common goal of protecting and improving the land, water, and resources of the watershed since these represent the very foundation of agriculture.

The mission of the Shields Valley Watershed Group is based on the following four interwoven commitments:

  • Lifestyle: To provide support for and to preserve the independent way of life known as “ranching and farming” and to help educate the general public about the necessity of agricultural activities as they relate to the economic health of the community, the state, and the nation.
  • Resources: To improve and protect renewable resources through practical means of preserving water quality, to promote sound and efficient use of all water resources, to manage timber resources for both production and aesthetic value, and to maintain the range resource for both present and future generations.
  • Weeds: To seek and use all methods available to control the spread of noxious weeds in a manner that is consistent with improving the watershed.
  • Fish and Wildlife: To promote sound game and fish management that will ensure the existence of sustainable numbers of game birds, game animals, game fish, and other native species and to maintain them in balance with the uses and resources of the watershed.

The purpose of the group is:

  1. to educate landowners and the public on natural resource issues.
  2. to inventory and document changes in the resource base.
  3. to develop solutions to problems, which will protect agriculture while improving natural resources within the watershed.
  4. to work with Federal, State, and County agencies to coordinate watershed improvement activities in a feasible and economical manner.


Ashley Lowrey, Watershed Coordinator
Shields Valley Watershed and Upper Yellowstone Watershed
5242 Hwy 89 South, Livingston, MT 59047
406 946-3008


22Jul 14

Montana Conservation Month

August 2014 is Montana Conservation Month! Join in recognizing the efforts of people in conservation or partipate in several conservation projects happening across the state. See the official website for more…

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The Shields Valley Watershed Group holds meetings every other month to discuss pertinent watershed issues. Refer to the events calendar for upcoming meeting dates and locations.

See the regular meeting agendas and minutes below. For access to agendas and minutes from before 2017, please contact our office.

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