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5242 Hwy 89 South, Livingston, MT 59047 Local Common Sense Conservation

Floodplain and River Regulations Workshop – June 24th

Everyone is welcome to attend Park CD’s upcoming Floodplain and River Regulations workshop on Wednesday, June 24th from 1-4:30 PM at the Park County Fairgrounds in Livingston.

There will be three speakers, from the Park County Floodplain Administration, the Montana Army Corps of Engineers, and the Yellowstone River Conservation District Council to talk about the laws and regulations that restrict development in floodplains and along rivers, streams, and wetlands, and the ways that development can affect those who live around the area’s water. This event should be relevant to landowners, ranchers, consultants, contractors, realtors, and anyone else who has a stake in Montana’s rivers and the laws that govern their use.

Contact Jessica Anderson at 222-0212 ext. 111 for more information, or to RSVP today!Park CD Workshop Flyer

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