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Upper Yellowstone Watershed Basin Meeting March 9th, 7pm, Emigrant

The Upper Yellowstone Watershed Basin will be holding a meeting on March 9th at St. John’s Church in Emigrant to brainstorm and plan for upcoming events, projects, and meetings focused on the Yellowstone River and its continued management, health, and function. This will be an opportunity for anyone interested in the future of the Yellowstone River to brainstorm ideas for upcoming discussions about the Yellowstone that will give the community a platform to engage with other stakeholders and discuss the future of the Yellowstone River.

 This meeting will be focused on brainstorming and planning for future meetings and projects, though it will also involve discussions about the current state of the river and management going forward. Please reference the attached agenda at the bottom of the page for meeting information and topics.

03.09.17 Meeting Announcement Email

Please contact Dylan Graves at (406) 946-3007 or for any questions!

View 03.09.17 Agenda

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