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5242 Hwy 89 South, Livingston, MT 59047 Local Common Sense Conservation

Russian Olive Eradication Project

Russian Olive, an invasive, woody species which has been identified as a noxious weed, has established a dense population on sixty (60) acres which is located adjacent to the Yellowstone River. Due to the significant infestation on the particular site, native rangeland, riparian areas, and wildlife habitat has experienced vast degradation.Under the direction of Invasive Species Specialists, the project is working to eradicate Russian Olive from the site over a five year time frame. First, the trees will be pulled using an excavator with hydraulic thumb. The harvested trees will then be piled to dry and burn. The resulting holes will be filled using the excavator and the associated land area will be treated with herbicide both initially and in ongoing applications throughout the project time line and beyond. The affected area will be revegetated with native tree, plant, and shrub species. Fencing will be installed for grazing management and livestock will not occupy the site for the duration of the project.


The site will be rehabilitated through herbicide treatments and revegetation of native plant, tree, and shrub species. Field tours which will be offered to the public will be held both prior to project commencement and again at project completion to demonstrate the project accomplishments and to offer relevant information.


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